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    Lessons from the great: The Pig, Home runs and Flexibility.

    The GOAT! Let me introduce you to this market wizard, Stanley Druckenmiller. You probably don’t know him right now, but this guy is one of the legends! In the 16th of September in 1992, Drucks together with his mentor and idol George Soros made Billions in a single trade call. They “Short Sterling” and they almost broke the Bank of England. When George Soros finally retired, he turned over to Drucks the management of his funds. In his 30s, Drucks finds himself managing one of the world’s largest hedge fund. Achieving a near 40% return on a $100M portfolio is impressive. But achieving a near 40% return on a multibillion-dollar…

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    Not because Tito Warren can do it, you could too.Have you met this guy? A young Warren Buffett has said many times that he likes the company that: Are simple business he understands. How do I analyze businesses and it’s models?  Have predictable and proven earnings. I didn’t even know how to read financial statements, how much more predict corporate earnings? Have an economic moat. The Hell, what is economic moat all about? Can be bought at a reasonable price. Oh! No… so how do you determine a reasonable price? We usually portray Warren Buffett as a Buy-Hold-and-forget Investment guru so we can justify to ourselves to do exactly that.…

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    One Punch Man Challenge

    Since the last episode of One Punch Man was 3 years ago, I decided to watch again the entire season 1 and while watching there’s this scene that gives me a light bulb moment. It is when Saitama finally reveals his secret to super human strength.

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    Bouncing Ball and Physics

    The bouncing ball is an interesting subject of analysis specially if we include a little physics into it. Almost everybody, at some point of in their lives, has experienced a bounced moment. May it be in your business, career, relationship, playing a poker or simply playing your favorite computer games.

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    One very challenging thing for beginners in stock market investing is identifying where to start learning. There are no formal schools about trading and mentors (the legit ones that is) are quite rare. If you’re lucky and were able to spot a mentor, chances are their fees are far more than your entire portfolio. Fret not, in this write up we will enumerate some very important things that you, as a beginner, should know. Just keep in mind of these things and use the internet for further and more comprehensive study. 1.) UNDERSTAND HOW THE STOCK MARKET WORKS. Before trying to learn anything about the stock market, learn the basics of the…