Hi there, it’s me “J”… yes, you can call me “J” for that is my name. I am just a fictional character and welcome to my blog. This blog is all about the journey of the fictional couple as they embarked into a grandiose adventure in the land of wonder.


Now, let me tell you first as to why these two fictional character decided to blog their journey.

I am not into writing at all. Before, I blog about few experiences in love, cooking & baking, recipes, travels and such common stuff of young adults. However, recently I started writing again and this time I am writing and sharing this blog with my partner and it is about our passion in the craft we do for fun, specifically trading the stock market, business, travel and foods.

When my partner asked me if I am happy to have a page website with him I guess it is time to write again. We both spent a lot of hours brainstorming what would be the right name for our page. Then we came up with ‘ExploreWithJoy’. It is closely related right? No? alright then.. who cares about the name. haha!


Of course, I have to introduce you to the man behind this idea. My partner in crime, and I consider him my other half, the love of my life, “J”. The mathematician. The engineer. He is Tall, Dark, and handsome. A kind man with a huge amount of patience and a very good heart. He thinks very positively of himself, believes that he will be successful and he is working relentlessly for that.

You can think of him like swordsman… 


Now, it is my turn. Hi I am “J”, the very supportive other half of “J”. A petite lady who likes to travel, beach is my heaven and passionate about baking and cooking. As an amateur home cook and home baker, I enjoy creating an array of tasty and interesting edibles. From the ingredients to the way they are presented and eaten at the table.

You can think of me like an archer…


We are both here to share our experiences as we struggle in life and on overcoming it with our great learning, and the in between moments too.

Learn from our failures and triumphs, be encouraged, inspired, and be entertained.

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