Arn Chronicles: July Trades!

The July Trades!

I only trend follow the market since May for I don’t have the luxury of time to monitor anymore.

Usually, my trade execution is EOD (End of Day) Concept and that is to press the buy or sell button near or during market closing.

I find it very convenient, less stress, less headache and have lesser risk of heart attack.

So here’s my trades for the month of July. It’s not lot, I only trade around 4-6 names the whole month, so boring right?

Image 162

Intra day snap I have on SSI, MCP and MRSGI. I was not able to sell at those level.

I waited for market closing to press the sell button, the result… most of my gains was erased! :3


Image 176

Oh… isa pa itong CPG. I think I need refinement on my selling execution. 

New stock position for the month of August.

Image 182

transaction below, so won’t tell me I’m giving you crap. 😛  

Image 185

Image 186


J pics