Arn Chronicles: The Set-up!

This is Arn…

Arn pic

Arn is a normal guy just like everybody else. Dynamic, ambitious and ready to conquer the world.

He dream of financial independence for himself, having freedom over his time and money.

He dream of building his business empire and to create a legacy for his name.

Forget the warrior stick-man above, he’s far from that. Let me describe him as cavalier warrior mounted in his horse, proud and arrogant.

ambitous warrior

But, what is happening to his life right now is exactly the opposite.

Arn is far from being financially free.

Arn has no stable income.

His business is struggling, so his financial status.

Arn has no friends to lean on and share his struggle. Because Arn is just a lonely salesman in the octagon of market places.

lonely warrior

His current status turn Arn into an emotional being and turn the year as what he called “THE YEAR OF THE PURGE”.

Arn is emotionally down, Arn is financially down, Arn is physically distress. 

Discouragement, doubt, and fear was all running in his mind right now.

He has nothing to share his struggle, except his loving girlfriend who always support him in all his ventures.

That was he thought…

The struggle is real, the support is not.

Instead, he constantly receive nagging and verbal abuse from her.

Poor Arn.

injured warrior

When will his situation take a turn? That we cannot tell!

But one thing for sure, Arn has the heart of a champion.

He may be injured but not slaughtered, he may lost a battle… but he’ll win the war. He fall to his failure but he will rise again. He will make a stand again, and he make a charge again…

I remember this saying from Art Williams:

“Never underestimate the heart of a champion”

warrior 1 

So follow Arn.

Read his story.

You will learn a lot from him!

That I can assure you.

The Beginning of Arn Chronicles.. 


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