NRCP Another Cut loss!

$NRCP Another Cut loss!

Remember my last 2 iconic cut loss that start my 2018?

Oh well, they’re now 3. $NRCP join the club!

$NRCP trade was a disaster, same mistake, same problem!

There’s nothing to blame but me. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

That’s right, shame on me. That made me contemplate on Albert Eistein’s word of wisdom about insanity.



Very easy to blame the market, but no that’s not my cup of tea. Sabihin nalang natin I got overconfident and careless on these past few trades. Just like this cat in the air…


thinking everything is ok but it is not. So the market decide to give me a lesson, a very painful one!


So this is me, the cat flying in the air.

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PS. I would like to thank sir Josep for creating this cool Excal 2018. Pag nag ka baby na po yung cat namin gift ko sayo yung isa po. <meow>