The Parable of The Filipino Bamboo!


This story is not real. This is just a result of author’s boredom and lack of coffee supply at home!



Once upon a time, there was a Filipino farmer who is struggling to make ends meet. One day, he came across a man who tells him that if he buys these seeds (magic seeds) all his worries will be over.

“These seeds will grow into towering bamboo and you shall call this bamboo The “Filipino Bamboo” for no reason.”

The farmer, without any hesitation buy the seeds and get to work on planting them.

After planting the seeds, he spends his days carrying water from the river to where he had planted the seeds and watering them.

After six weeks of toiling the soil, watering the seeds and nurturing the plant, the bamboo has grown to 90 feet.

The farmer to his amazement of fast and astronomical result of his crops, immediately throw a party in his house to gather other farmers and villagers to show off his achievement.


The night full of entertainment had passed and the farmer woke up the next morning and found all his bamboo DEAD!

The End!



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