TradingLog: Being Indecisive – The PXP Note.



Do you know why almost 90% of people out there never have enough of anything such as their goals, dreams and success. Finding themselves constantly searching for purpose the “WHY”, but confused and lost?

Here’s the very good answer from one of the world’s richest man.


“Most people will loose more to indecision than they will to a bad decision.”

Andrew Carnegie

Let me ask you this…

If someone asked you to give up the next 20 years of your life, without being paid, how long would it take you to make that decision?

Maybe you heard the story of Andrew Carnegie the world’s first billionaire. (This is what others believed)

He called a young cub reporter into his office and asked him to devote 20 years to interviewing only the world’s richest people in order to share ‘The Secret’ of wealth, success, and happiness with the rest of the world.

But, did you know that Mr. Carnegie secretly held a stopwatch beneath his desk and gave Napoleon Hill only 60 seconds to answer yes or no before he would lose the opportunity forever? Mr. Carnegie knew that if Napoleon required more time to think about it then he was the wrong guy.

You see, Mr. Carnegie knew that ‘Successful People’ make decisions quickly.

Napoleon Hill took 32 seconds to say YES… and his lack of indecision led to the writing of “Think and Grow Rich,” the best-selling book responsible for helping to create an estimated One Million Millionaires!


and from that story I admire Napoleon Hill’s decisiveness. Very opposite on what was happened in my PXP trade.

Yesterday (Feb 15, 2016), PXP broke above 1.80 level and knowing that it was slowly transitioning to AOTS I immediately enter the trade. It was neat and clean.  Gotcha!


Now got this stock on my port, next thing is to manage the trade.

The next day PXP opened at 2.0… oi gap-up! Now there’s the risk of sliding back to close that gap.

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My plan is to monitor intra-day using 5-min chart and set-up the moving averages as my trailing stop. So here’s what happened during the day.

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Price action speaks…. PXP broke below the 20-MA, 50MA and 100MA and I’m just like…


Then the market closed at 1.72… Ouch! The End

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