Trading Log: PHA

Trading Log: PHA

It’s been awhile since my last post regarding stock trading. I have been in a challenging moment this past few weeks, so many things running in my mind so I forgot to log my trades..

uh sometime I even forgot to breath… oh my! breath bro…breath!

So.. let’s not waste a bit, now I am back.

To be fair to all readers and to all inhabitants of this universe. I will post here my whole journey in the stock market. May it be a winning trades or losing trades, may it be a brilliant execution or a stupid one…either ways, for me the most important is to have it on the record.

Hopefully, someone who lost their way over the World Wide Web and accidentally landed on my page will learn something, may be for the good of human race or just plain stupidity.

(Stupid people are rare nowadays.. tsk3x)

So here it is… my latest trade!

The PHA Trade.

Play: Breakout Trade

Difficulty Level: At my current level and xp I am safe to say it is “Normal”.

Holding Period: Intra-day

Attack Strategy: Diamond entry.

Exit Plan: Sell all when it hit -4% below the breakout point.

To illustrate it further see below the cool chart I made.


 See that exit price? I sold at 0.48…booom!

Please don’t ask me why I sold at that level for even I don’t know the answer.

Spent some moment of reflection on this PHA trade, here’s what I realized.

First, never underestimate the volatility. Volatility is treacherous to undisciplined and an opportunity to a disciplined one.

If you ever plan to breakout trade…never ever open your steam account, for it will lure you to have one game of dota2, always remember this…in trading, focus you must. Sigh!

Lastly, executing cut loss at market closing sometimes not a good idea. I have yet to study which stocks are good and not good for market closing execution. So stay tune, I might blog about it in the near future.

See below the transaction details… so you won’t tell me I’m giving you crap!

 Image 103


J pics