Trading Log: SMC


One of the five apples I mentioned in my Jan 26, 2016 Trading Log is SMC.

Check it out here >>>  Five Apples and look at specimen #1.

Yes it was a mystery stock for no reason. When in fact anyone can easily recognize it in no time.

pa-mystery mystery stock pa… haha Well, it’s just me putting some spice on my blog.

So fast forward today… SMC chart now looks like this:

SMC Chart
Click the image to make it cool


SMC Port Snapshot


Made beer money on beer stock! Yum 😛

So how did I spot this stock? Simple, using AOTS of Zeefreaks.

No, I am not a member of Zeefreaks tribe. Just an avid follower of his blog and apply whatever I learn on my trade.

You can check his blog about AOTS here >> Alignment Of The Stars.

So good luck and have a good trades!

You want more beer money trade? well, I don’t have it. But you can subscribe on my blog.