It is now more than a year since I started trading the stock market. I know it’s not an easy street and this will be as hard as rock!

In trading I learned how to accept mistakes and as well as acknowledge rewards. For they are all part of these awesome game that change my life.

For now, I will not going to talk a lot about my journey in the stock market. That I reserve for my future post. Instead I will post here some of my trophy trade for this month of May of the year 2016.

This month has been very rough to me, very cruel and unforgiving. What I gained the whole month of April I lost it all just within the first week of this month. Good God! I am recovering some of those gain through these trophy trade I have.

 I was hit very hard on the first week of the month, commit a lot of mistakes… but a mistakes will only be a mistakes if you fail to learn from it.

So here’s the trophy trade so far… I may update this post if ever I have something to add. 😀

IS trade

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DD trade

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PXP trade.

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Of course, I got hit more on the losing trade than winning one however by strictly following rule…

I all cut them mercilessly before the loss hit more than -4%.

The month is not yet over, so there’s still a chance to gain more or loss more! But I always remember, If I continue to try, if I continue to charge forward, I will succeed!

Your trading buddy,


J pics

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