Joy to the world!

Hi everyone! Next month is my birthday. I know, I know, it will be another month, but I am just excited to announce that as a birthday challenge I’ll push myself on improving, and continuously update my blog. See, I am a month ahead. Masyadong na push ba? Basically, I’ll be more active again. Hey, a good start for 2020 as well too.

I have this blog for years now and have deleted what I have had posted before. Most that are left were about Arn’s trading journey. I had a few different blogs on different sites with their own topics, but I decided to focus on this page. I will be visible again. Well, it will be embarrassing if I’m not as I have shouted it out to all of you already.

Anyway, I feel like introducing myself. For those who don’t know me, especially for those who have just come across this page. I am Joy and welcome to my blog or our blog rather. I maintain this blog with my partner Arn Magnisson. I am a Filipino expat living abroad, learning and developing my skills in my spare time.

Since the past year, a lot has happened, maintaining a long-distance relationship is hard and we had a chance of being together for more than a year. I will also be sharing stories about from our point of view on as someone who has just started focusing on personal finance as adulting hit me. Too many success stories are written regarding financial success, pero hindi pa kami yun. We believe that we are on our way and that’s the goal! It will be more about our journey in figuring out adulting, finances, and an attempt to maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

As an aspiring home cook, I want to share a lot of easy, simple, and healthy meal preparations. I am trained in a commercial kitchen and you will know more about that as you follow our journey.

There may be an attempt in discovering make-up, beauty, fashion and anything I encounter as an adult in their 30s. I hope you will enjoy and learn from us as much as we have in every story we experienced.

Come and learn with us as we face the uncertainty of life. If you want to know more, follow us on facebook, Instagram, and twitter.