My Last 2019 Trade

The market in 2019 has been a challenging one. At least for me.

I made so many mistakes. Some were cheap mistakes, but some were very expensive.

Haynako! What can I do but to learn from those mistakes and keep moving forward?

I started the 2019 managing only two portfolios.

My own account and my friend’s account, that’s all. Life is good from the first quarter until the mid of the 2nd quarter. TF is life and quota isreal!

When I became licensed ESS/CSR a.k.a istak broker early July. The number of portfolios I manage reached more than 10.

In my first month in the industry 10+ discretionary clients. Not bad for a newbie like me. Plano ko pa nga before the year-end was to hit 100 clients.

I was very happy because the reward is very good as a broker, but sobrang stress and risky as a trader.

Hindi pa ako na bigyan ng advice nun na to focus on few but big accounts. My belief was the more the merrier. Haha

And I realized na mahirap pala mag manage ng multiple accounts especially if you’re a technical trader.

Then suddenly, Boom! Life happens. issues… issues… issues… Buy cut… Buy cut… Buy cut!

To make the long story short, I’ve decided to stop muna. Some accounts I manage, ibinalik ko muna sa client. Nag purge kunwari… Haha

And then I look for wisdom and motivation. But all those motivational quotes, books, videos sa facebook, youtube etc. walang effect.

Then this $MWC drama happens…

I thought 2019 will end shitty, but then thanks to $MWC for reminding me of this ancient wisdom:

“The harder the fall, the stronger the bounce”

I believe God has His own unique way to communicate with you.

Sabi ko nga… purge lang kumwari.

Have a wonderful 2020!

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