Online Business Update: August 2022

The month of August 2022 has been the busiest month ever since I arrived here in the UK.

After a whole day in my day job, I spend most of my evening studying some short courses to further my “professional qualification” here in the UK.

Not to mention loads of task in my to-do-list such as…

Driving exams.

Fitness plan…

Cat videos watchlist…

Sleeping before the dinner…

Building this business and many more…

Despite the busy schedule, I thought it would be better to give an online business update for the month of August.

Loads of things are running in my mind as of the moment, and I am completely clueless where can I get extra time to do all things on my to-do list.

If only we got 28 hours a day, then everything would be easy… right?

Business Update: Here’s What Happened So Far

Bought several short courses from Udemy and other online mentors, so I can educate myself and improve the skills that I think I need to build my online business.

Two of those courses are about copywriting and SEO. Another two are about programming and data analytics. The last two are not related to the business but I want to learn so I bought them.

It took me a lot of time to make social media content good for one week, so I decided to hire an editor to make the post and promote it to different groups and pages.

Funny guy looking at phone

Someone told me that it’s not ideal to hire someone while your business is still in bootstrap mode. Better to do all steps by yourself first until you can have an expendable income to scale out.

The challenge is, I still have my day job and the only time I can allocate to this side hustle is the time after work, on weekends, and on holidays.

So, I suppose the best option right now is hiring someone to do the content.  

August Blogging and Business Expense

  • Social Media Editor: Php 2500 (approx. GBP 38)
  • Social Media Promotion: Php 2400 (approx. GBP 36)
  • Education: £85.15
  • Domain and Hosting: £65.76
  • WordPress Theme: £50.96
  • Recurring Software: £71
  • Gaming chair: £110.95 (Yup, this is part of the business)
  • Internet connection: £32

Total August expense: £487

August Blogging and Business Income: 

  • Nothing here, all expense.

Net August Blogging and Business Income:

  • Cash: -£487 – Ouch!

So, in August, I’m in a negative cashflow territory… and I wanna cry!

Man Crying at the Beach

With the current crisis in Europe and the cost of living soaring to the roof, I can’t deny that sometimes I wonder what I was getting myself into.

But I am on the point of full-speed-ahead. I am not an intro-boy nor a quitter. Okay I lied, I am a quitter, but not in the first month.

Right now, it’s either Go Home or Go Big.