Stock Market 101: Invest in U!

You can always search for anything in Google nowadays, including the stock market.

One-click! Google will give you millions of information on almost any topic you want to learn.

Not only in Google, nowadays you can learn and find quality content about almost everything on Youtube and other websites.

In this blog post, I collect a few videos that I consider high-quality content to jumpstart your journey in stock market investing.

Your journey to stock market investing begins here! Enjoy!

First of all, let’s learn the basics of the stock market.

Knowing what is the stock market, why companies sell their shares, how to earn in the stock market etc. are the essentials of stock market investing, and where you should begin.

After learning the basics, let’s jump to learning the technical analysis.

Technical analysis is one of the methods for analyzing stocks. The video below cover almost everything in stocks from a technical analysis point of view.