Random Thoughts: What Motivates You?

What motivates you?

“Para kanino ka ba bumabangon?”

“What keeps your awake at night?”

Those are the questions, I always ask myself since 2010, the year I first step into the corporate world.

Some social media guru said you should have vision, a purpose bigger than yourself.

Some book author says, it should be something divine, a mission, something that transcend beyond your basic needs.

I’m sorry to break this…

But those are all B.S. Mostly, half true.

Maybe at their current level of social and economic status….

But it’s not you… or me

For me, it’s totally okay to have our motivation anchored at material things money can buy for ourselves or for our family.

Or perhaps a craving for pleasures and experiences or certain lifestyle that you dream of.

There’s no shame on that.

actually… Shame to people who tells you otherwise.

May it be world peace, to change the world, a mission or vision… to end fossil fuel.

Or as simple as having to provide to your family, buying things you want, travels and other worldly desire.

It’s totally fine. There’s nothing wrong on that.

What motivates me?

What motivates me blog photos

Right now, it’s the excitement to have new gaming laptop.

The truth is, the level of what motivates us is really up to us.

It’s a journey.

Eventually, we will graduate on those material things and move to higher level of purpose and motivation.

But again, it’s a journey. Let the ordinary bloke discover what lies behind the next bend of the road.

Everything’s flow, like a river, and so our desire, purpose and goal. Don’t let the flow of time end in the boring lake of public opinion.

Moreover, don’t let these self proclaimed guru set the direction of your journey. Most of them if not all just want to sell you something.

Don’t forget, let this river stream take you there. Enjoy the journey!