Why I want to share my financial journey?

Too many success stories were written regarding financial success and this blog is not just about that.  I have tried and failed multiple times. My personal journey is far from a success yet.

Last quarter of 2018 I have had an epiphany; a blinding light bulb moment that made me realize that I need to organize and calibrate my life if I am ever to enjoy a sound night’s sleep again. The catalyst? When you have to book a ticket and see your family, but it no longer fits your budget… the passive income you had were gone and your emergency fund is depleting. I don’t know that would happen.

The uncomfortable truth dawned on me when it comes to personal finance, I know a little and I practice only when comfortable. Alas, I couldn’t stay long like this.

Go on, test me. Investments? Mutual fund. Rent, Bills? On direct debit. Ask me another. Active income? I have no job. Passive Income? As I have said unfortunately it came to an end without me preparing for back up. Despite living in the most advanced digital age where you can get information freely and quickly, when it comes to my personal finance, I am absolutely clueless.

I was aghast at how I failed with managing my finances then I have decided to start again.

This time I will be sharing my journey here hoping that I could encourage someone to do the same too. I hope it will inspire you to take your steps towards your financial freedom. Then both of us altogether will say… we made it!

At the very least I believe it is important to hold at least some funds to act as a safety blanket should the worst happen. I will start on building my emergency fund again but first I have to plan for regular saving.